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Likeness of Justin Bieber from Stratford

Everybody knows it. Justin Bieber is from our town—he’s a [Stratford, Ontario] boy. And he’s our favourite pop star. And although he’s now an international musical sensation, he still comes back regularly to visit his good friends.

When Justin was growing up, there were a lot of places around Stratford where he hung out or that now have special meaning for him—from the steps of the Avon Theatre, where he first started singing and earned enough to take his mom to Disneyworld, to the place he went on his first date.

We’ve created a map to help you take a tour of Justin Bieber’s Stratford—the schools he went to, the ice cream parlour he visited after soccer games, and the skate park where he learned the moves we now all see in his videos.

Download our Bieber-iffic Map of Stratford, and have a great time! Printed maps available at Stratford Tourism, 47 Downie Street, Stratford for $1.00 each.young bieber on drums

Don't miss the Justin Bieber Steps to Stardom Exhibit at the Stratford Perth Museum.

Please note that schools listed on the map are not open to the public. The Stratford Tourism Alliance is responsible for the creation and production of this map. The content is based on publicly available information and is not endorsed by Justin Bieber or his management.

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