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  • Photo of Stratford Perth Museum
  • Photo of Stratford Perth Museum
  • Photo of Stratford Perth Museum

The Justin Bieber Exhibit “Steps to Stardom” drew over twenty thousand people in its first year, and is the go-to place for Beliebers worldwide. In February 2019 the exhibit underwent a major refresh, with dozens of new items in place until January 5, 2020. The exhibit was recreated with the help of Justin, his family, and Justin has been to the exhibit multiple times.

We are also proud to partner with the Stratford Festival to present our permanent exhibit “Such Stuff as Dreams…” which tells the story of the formative years of the Stratford Festival: from conceptual idea to tent to building the home of the foremost repertory theatre in North America.

In addition to these two exhibits, we also have “Railway Century”, “You Are Here” and “Perth Up”. The railway exhibit talks about the significance of steam locomotive repair to Stratford as well as the importance of rail to Perth County. “You Are Here” explores the lives of men and women who built Perth County as the agricultural heartland of Ontario. The Perth Regiment exhibit traces the history of the Perth Regiment from its inception in 1866 to present day, exploring the themes of duty, sacrifice, valour, brotherhood, and remembrance.

The property at the back of the museum demonstrates our commitment to a holistic and natural environment that will appeal to everyone. The area not only includes a 1.5 km trail system but also a stormwater pond and the area is also home to bee hives which produce honey for our gift shop. You can also enjoy an historic walk progressing through almost 200 years of local history up to the current day.

Your Museum draws inspiration from our more than 20,000 artifacts, creating exhibits which bring the many worlds of Perth County alive.

For a summary of our exhibits and list of events go to the Stratford Perth Museum homepage.

Adults $7 | Seniors/Students/Children $6 | Family $20


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